Dont’s for Processed Weave Hair

Don’t ever relax your hair yourself. I see so much damage due to over-processing because product is being applied to hair that is already relaxed. This leads to dry brittle, fragile hair that eventually breaks. Don’t get your weave hair relaxed too often. This also leads to over processing. Don’t apply relaxer and permanent color on the same day.

Although I recommend professional relaxer applications, I understand that everyone can’t afford a stylist. Get a girlfriend to do it for you. It’s almost impossible to relax your own hair and keep the relaxer off hair that’s already been processed and only relax the new growth. If you think that some overlapping may happen, apply conditioner to the previously relaxed hair to coat it and help prevent damage.

Wait at leas 6 to 8 weeks to relax your new growth. If it’s looking a little rough, use a pressing comb to straighten the new growth. Press only the areas that will be seen, like you’re edges and along any part. Not only will this keep your hair healthier, but you’ll keep the fullness that’s sometimes lost when it’s freshly relaxed.

Always wait a week or so after relaxing to use a permanent color. Rinses are okay to use even on the day of your relaxer. Remember to color only the hair that hasn’t been treated before unless you are changing hair colors.

70% of women relax their weave hair every 8 weeks.

Using some of the natural healers can help keep your hair weave fresh and healthy. While herbal remedies have long been associated curing everything from the common cold nd physical ailments to cleansing the body and managing stress, herbs also have a stimulating and medicinal affect on the hair and scalp. When using herbs for the hair, it’s essential to keep several key factors in mind. Don’t dismay if a herbal remedy requires the use of dried herbs. Instead, simply use triple the amount of fresh herbs. If the ingredients require fresh herbs and you’ve only got dried herbs in the cabinet, use only one-third of the suggested amount.


  • I came to christine after someone else messed my hair up. Not only she was able to fix it, she made me look even better.
    I guess i just found the person who would be doing my hair for a very long time from now on.

    - Happy about the service

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