Hair Weave Maintenance

One of the first questions patrons ask me after receiving a full head weave it: “how to I maintain my weave”. The answer to this question will astound you…you maintain your weave the same way you do your own hair! That’s right, hair weave maintenance is just that simple.

Wash your hair and weave hair about once a week with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Brush the weave hair lightly while it is wet and feel free to use a leave in conditioner on your weave in hair and your own hair. For a sleek look, blow dry your weave in hair the same as you would your own hair. Then flat iron your hair and your weave hair (if that is the style you are going for).

And, last but not least, don’t forget the finishing spray. Use the finishing spray sparingly.

At night don’t for get to either pin curl your weave hair and your own hair or curl, and cover with a satin bonnet.


  • I came to christine after someone else messed my hair up. Not only she was able to fix it, she made me look even better.
    I guess i just found the person who would be doing my hair for a very long time from now on.

    - Happy about the service

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