Hair Weave Tutorial

For instructions on how to create a gorgeous hair weave effect, often professionals will attend a heave weave conference or class. However, some hair weave specialists will also ask a friend to teach them how to create a hair weave. Most people just watch their hair care professional give someone else a weave in order to learn how to properly apply a hair weave.

Proper hair weave application starts with a clean head of hair. Most importantly, remember to dry the hair. If you would like your hair weave to look very natural, you will want to mold the hair first. This means that after washing and conditioning the hair, you will apply hair gel. Then wrap the hair around the head.

After the hair is COMPLETELY dry, then you can measure the weaving hair’s weft and cut at the desired length. Once the weaving hair is cut, apply glue to the weft of the cut hair weave. Then apply the hair to the scalp. Continuing the above instructions until all of the required hair weave is applied.


  • I came to christine after someone else messed my hair up. Not only she was able to fix it, she made me look even better.
    I guess i just found the person who would be doing my hair for a very long time from now on.

    - Happy about the service

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